About Me

The one official sighting of Piman.

Actually my name is Marc Garneau, and I have never been an astronaut.  For Hallowe’en several years ago I dressed up like the photo above. When my students asked what I was called, I said Pi-Guy. Thankfully, they said, “No, you should be Pi-Man!”, and the name has stuck ever since.

Originally a secondary mathematics teacher, I now work with a fabulous group of colleagues, forming the K-12 Numeracy/Science Team for the Surrey School District (British Columbia).  We provide district-level, school-level, and classroom-level support for the teaching, learning, and assessing of mathematics (oh, and science too).  My how time flies – I’m now entering my 10th year in this role.

I continue to be involved in a larger scale as well, both provincially (executive member [NCTM rep] and a past President of the BCAMT) and nationally (BC rep for NCSM).

I’m also a T³ National Instructor (Teachers Teaching with Technology). I enjoy doing workshops on how to integrate the TI-Nspire effectively into math classrooms, but I also get very geeky with programming and Lua-scripting to produce lessons and activities, including several for MathNspired.  I have another blog where I share some geeky TI-Nspire tips.

Besides technology, I’m also passionate about teaching through problem solving, inquiry learning, and the mathematical processes – especially visualization.


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